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        Tel. : 0086-373-2412881
        Fax: 0086-373-5828556
        M.P.: 0086-18339520727
        Email: xxhbp@joincare.com
        Address: Dedong Street,High-Tech Development Zone
        About Us

            Located in high-tech development zone of Xinxiang city,Henan province, Xinxiang Haibin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd was founded in August 2004 with registered capital 20 million RMB.It covers an area of 80,000 sq. m and construction area of 15,000 sq.m. Total assets is RMB 240 million,30% of fixed assets is used for environmental protection system.since 2008,Xinxiang Haibin was granted ISO certificates in quality ,environment, occupational health and safety management system successively. In 2011 ,Haibin was certified with High-tech Enterprise of Henan Province.

            Our main product lines include meropenem intermediates, imipenem intermediates,cilastatin intermediates,ertapenem intermediates,faropenem intermediates, biapenem intermediates, panipenem intermediates,doripenem intermediates,tebipenem intermediates etc.

            Safety is the basis of enterprise survival, environmental protection is the foundation of sustained development. Haibin people are fully aware that company can run in long-term and orderly only but the operation is in line with the laws and regulations of the state and relevant requirements. we establish a complete EHS management system and environmental protection facilities which will ensure a steady progress. In the past two years,we invested 4 million us dollars in a new set of MVR evaporator and biological wastewater treatment facility with the capacity of 600 tons per day.By combined using of existing  triple-effect evaporator and de-solvent tower,we can carry out desolvation and desalination to used solvents and high-salinity water yielded in production,along with biological treatment facility,we strive to discharge effluent to the environment as little as possible.

            Customers’need is the driving force of our growth.we treat “quality first,people oriented;value credit,sincere service;sustained development,pursue excellence; clean production,benefit the society” as our tenet and are committed to be the largest and most-complete manufacturer of penem series of APIs and intermediates in china.

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