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        Tel. : 0086-373-2412881
        Fax: 0086-373-5828556
        M.P.: 0086-18339520727
        Email: xxhbp@joincare.com
        Address: Dedong Street,High-Tech Development Zone

            Our R&D strength include Haibin research institute and Xinxiang Haibin R&D team.Haibin research institute have 41 scientists,their core task is to screen and complete route of synthesis, now they are working on more than ten projects.the institute have equipments with fixed assets value of 30 million RMB,such as UPLC-QTOF,prep-HPLC,HPLC,GC,ion chromatography.

            Xinxiang Haibin R&D team have 12 staff,one doctor, five masters, 6 people with bachelor's degree.their task is to optimize reaction parameters and improve the production process ,as well as develop new products.an exclusive sample test lab help to accelerate the course effectively.till now six projects are finished successfully,one of them win the third prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Henan province. The company has a 100m2 kilo lab with 20L, 50L and 100L glass reactors and 20L rotary evaporator, the temperature varies from -50 ℃ to 180 ℃, it will meet the different needs of preliminary scale-ups of products with different market volume. Pilot plant is 900m2 with 100L ~ 3000L reactor, it satisfy the purpose of further increase in output or small-scale production.

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